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Specializing in international business and government relations, launching tech startups, and assisting organizations with global initiatives and stakeholder engagement

Giuliani Global

Anthony Giuliani created Giuliani Global to bring exceptional opportunities and advisement to organizations seeking to execute international initiatives. Giuliani Global engages with startups, community and trade organizations, and companies to effectively increase their activities and reach abroad.

Anthony is a lawyer with extensive experience working in international government relations, launching tech start-ups, and assisting companies with foreign direct-investment projects, deal flow, and new business opportunities. Giuliani Global brings extensive insight to internationally minded organizations and companies as they advance their global engagement.

From pre-formation tech ventures to Fortune 500s, Giuliani Global provides developmental resources and strategies for clients to identify international opportunities and expand their global presence.

Interest areas

From Planning to Execution: Tech Ventures

Developing startups from planning and launch to execution and growth — building products, establishing teams, raising capital, and creating strategic partnerships.

International Relations

Working with global affairs teams and government agencies to create new opportunities throughforums, events, and trade missions with leaders of strategic stakeholders.

Global Business Opportunities and Partnerships

Identifying international market opportunities, economic trends, partnerships, and deals while working with global partners to accelerate a company’s growth and success. 181.

Community Support and Stakeholder Engagements

Collaborating with community organizations, private companies, universities and NGOs to establish initiatives that provide economic development related support to local communities.

Practice areas

Management: From Strategy to Implementation

Works alongside stakeholders to develop initiatives that enable an organization to achieve its highest objectives.

Family Offices, Corporate Business, and Startup Opportunities

Identifies growth-promoting business opportunities through acquisitions, new business development, and increased deal flow.

Economic Development and Trade

Creates global opportunities for partnership by leveraging international relationships and by engaging with local and foreign organizations and trade agencies.

Community Organization and Stakeholder Relationships

Implements and supports community development organizations in achieving their strategic objectives that are international and innovation focused.

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